About Meetings

What is Toastmasters International (“TI”)?

Toastmasters International is a global speakers club organisation, founded 95 years ago. As a member of Speak Easy At Martlesham you’ll have access to Toastmasters International tried and tested learning materials, plus the support of your fellow club members, to help you develop as a speaker and a leader. Here’s for a quick summary of what TI’s about.

What goes on at a speakers club?

Well … we can tell you what goes on at our club! Every fortnight we hold a meeting that lasts for just over two hours. They normally follow a fairly standard format – that includes an impromptu speaking session, hints and tips, formal speeches and speech/other evaluations.

So, tell me more about a typical meeting …

Here’s a typical meeting agenda. Most of the roles are open to anyone.

Meeting called to order Sergeant At Arms 7.15
Agenda & Apologies
Welcome & Introductions
Toastmaster 7.20
Wordmaster Wordmaster 7.25
Table Topics Topics Master 7.30
Timekeeper Report Timekeeper 7.50
Hints & Tips Hints & Tips Speaker 7.52
Topics Evaluation Topics Evaluator 8.05
Break (Tea, Coffee and Snacks) – free!
Club Business President 8.30
Speaker 1 Evaluator 1 8.35
Speaker 2 Evaluator 2 8.45
Speaker 3 Evaluator 3 8.55
Timekeeper Report Timekeeper 8.57
Speech Evaluations Evaluators 1,2,3 8.59
Wordmaster Report Wordmaster 9.10
General Evaluation General Evaluator 9.18
Close Toastmaster 9.30

Sounds interesting, but what about me? Can I just turn up? What will you get me doing?

Guests are always made very welcome. You can just turn up at our next meeting. You won’t have to take part if you don’t want to; you can just sit there and take it all in. Please feel free to attend more than one meeting as our guest. If you’d like to speak to someone, to find out a bit more beforehand, click on Contact Us in the Main Menu for contact phone numbers or contact form.

The good thing about Speak Easy At Martlesham is that you decide. You decide firstly if you want to join – if it’s right for you. If you do join, then it’s up you how you progress. We’ll be there to help you.