Our Committee

Teresa Dukes – President

I’m a long-standing member of Toastmasters International and co-founder of Speak Easy At Martlesham. I’m a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) and a professional coach, trainer and speaker. I served from 2015-2017 as a member of the Board of Directors of Toastmasters International, the world’s leading organisation devoted to teaching skills in communication and leadership. I stay in the organisation because of all the new people who walk through our doors looking for answers. 

Andrew Nunn – Immediate Past President

I joined Speak Easy at Martlesham, part of Toastmasters International (TI), in 2014. I enjoyed the role of Vice President of Education (VPE) for two years. I then won the election for Area Director and at the end of my year, I became President of Speak Easy. I’m currently Immediate Past President and working towards completing my Advanced Communicator Gold award. I’m thoroughly enjoying the 5th year of my Toastmasters’ journey and looking forward to further challenges with the new Pathways Education Programme. My only regret is that I didn’t join earlier!

Ann Nunn – Treasurer

I joined Speak Easy at Martlesham in 2005. From day one I was made to feel very welcome and within a few weeks I was on the committee! I’ve worked my way through various committee roles, my current role is Treasurer. I’ve made many friends and have received and given support and encouragement to members throughout. Every meeting has the ingredients of fun and friendship. I’ve been an Area Director and Division Director for Toastmasters International. In 2010 I gained my Distinguished Toastmaster Award (DTM), the highest TI award. I stay in this world-wide organisation because I cannot imagine life without it.

John Duller – Vice President Education (VPE)

I joined Toastmasters in 2014 to develop my public speaking and leadership skills, as I am enthusiastic about continuous improvement. Speak Easy has not disappointed and provides supportive, friendly and entertaining meetings to practice. Coming together with a diverse group of people and the opportunity to help and encourage fellow members is also an important aspect of club membership.                           

Sonya Burrows – Vice President Membership (VPM)

I originally joined Speak Easy at Martlesham in order to practice speaking in front of an audience and help reduce my nerves, as I had started being asked to give talks on plants and garden related subjects to groups in the local area. Speak Easy has delivered on both aims! I continue to be a member not only for the educational value and speaking practice it provides but also the opportunity to share experience gained with other members and because it is such an enjoyable, friendly and supportive club.

Ian Read – Vice President Public Relations (VPPR)

I can claim to be one of Speak Easy’s longest members, as Teresa Dukes – the club’s co-founder – signed me up at the club’s inaugural meeting in late 2004. Whilst unlike some I didn’t have a fear of public-speaking, I did recognise that I could do it a lot better. I’ve learnt a great deal along the way – about speaking and also about evaluation and leadership – the cornerstones of the proven Toastmasters International educational frameworks.

Paul Graham – Secretary

I originally joined a Dutch Toastmasters club, in Utrecht in 2013, to develop my public speaking skills. It was an opportunity to gain international speaking experience in an organisation with a global presence.  On returning to the UK I joined Speak Easy, as it provided a high standard of mentorship to take my skills to the next level.  The club has provided the necessary support to develop both my public speaking and leadership skills and has helped me to deliver speeches to a high level at various conferences and events.

Adam Green – Sergeant At Arms

I joined Speak Easy in 2018, to help me overcome public speaking anxiety, and improve skills for my career, voluntary roles and hobbies and interests. A Toastmasters clubs like Speak Easy provides a safe and friendly environment to progress and has quickly opened up new opportunities for me that I hadn’t expected. Whether you’re clear on how you want to improve, or want to try something new and see where it takes you, then I recommend Speak Easy and Toastmasters International!