Speak Easy’s Mentoring Aim

We would like to encourage and support all members within the club and ensure that all members who would like a mentor are linked up with a mentor(s).

What is a mentor?

The mentor is someone who will listen and can be a resource by answering questions, explaining aspects of meetings, Speak Easy and Toastmasters’ International as well as advising, suggesting, guiding and supporting the member’s aims and progress within the club. 

Mentors also benefit as it gives them a way of learning more about communicating and leadership, from a different angle.

How does this work?

At Speak Easy we have a mentoring programme whereby members are linked up with a more experienced member, who has been involved with Speak Easy and Toastmasters’ International for longer than them, to provide help and support.

When a new member first joins the club the mentoring programme is explained to them and they are encouraged, during their first meeting or two, to consider if there is any particular member that they get on well with and might like as their mentor, which can then be arranged.

Members are welcome to have more than one mentor and are also always welcome to talk to and ask advice from other people as well as their mentor(s).

Speak Easy’s mentoring programme provides a suggested approach to work through, as a general guide. How, where, when and how often a mentor and mentee meet up is up to the individuals, whether just at meetings, outside of meetings, by telephone or email, whatever suits them best and helps them to progress, increasing their confidence and improving their leadership and speaking skills.

Member Resources

Speak Easy At Martlesham members can access

  • the latest version of the club’s Mentoring Programme Guide
  • Mentoring – Value Based Empowerment by Derrick Trimble

from the Resources page (after Login).